It is here! The final installment for this round of the cake decorating series. In this video we will be putting the final touches on our red velvet cake by making a fondant bow and placing the fondant roses.

If you are new to the cake decorating series, take a look at some of the past recipes and tutorials:


Yield: One Bow

  1. For the best results, watch the instructional video below.
  2. To color your fondant, dip a toothpick into your food coloring and then place that small amount of coloring onto your fondant. Knead the fondant to mix in the coloring. Keep your counter dusted with icing sugar to avoid having the fondant stick.
  3. Continue adding coloring one toothpick at a time as needed. It is better to add small amounts of coloring because you can always add more. But if you add too much, you can’t take it away.
  4. For our bow decoration, we made a small amount of pink fondant.
  5. It is important to measure the distance around your cake. We want to make sure that the fondant we cut for our bow will be long enough to wrap around the cake.
  6. Roll the fondant to the distance we measured in the previous step.
  7. Using a straight-edge and a sharp knife or other cutting utensil, cut a long ribbon out of the fondant about one inch wide.
  8. One way to make sure your fondant ribbon is straight and even is to fold it in half and cut along both edges (watch the video below to see how this is done).
  9. Now the ribbon is ready to wrap around the cake. Gently press it on as you wrap it around. Once you get to the point where the sides meet, cut off any excess fondant.
  10. Next we are going to form the bow. Cut two pieces of fondant, approximately one inch wide and about three and a half inches long.
  11. With a little bit of water on your finger, lightly dampen one end of each of the cut pieces of fondant. Fold the fondant pieces in half. The water will help stick the ends together. Lightly squeeze the cut end of the fondant to make a crinkling effect. This adds a little bit of realism to your bow.
  12. Cut another piece of fondant approximately once inch wide and two and a half inches long.
  13. Place the crinkled ends of the two previously prepared pieces of fondant in the middle of this newly cut piece. Lightly dampen each end of this piece of fondant. Fold one edge over and use the dampness to stick it to the two pieces in the middle. Fold the other edge over and use the dampness to stick it to the other folded edge. Now you have a pretty little bow made out of fondant.
  14. Stick the bow to the cake using a little bit of water. Place it over top of the seam of the fondant ribbon we applied earlier.
  15. In the video below, we also add the fondant flowers from last weeks video to our cake. Place a small amount of butter cream frosting on top of the cake where you wish to stick the flowers. Lightly place the flowers into the butter cream. Let your imagination go wild and create a beautiful fondant rose bouquet.

And that is it. We have finished our first full cake! An important note when making fondant covered cakes, do not store them in the fridge. The fondant will start to “sweat” and get sticky.

Check back in the future for more cake decorating tips, recipes and tutorials. Enjoy!


  • Small Ball of Rolled Fondant (recipe here)
  • Small Amount of Concentrated Food Coloring, your choice of color
  • 1/2 cup of Icing Sugar


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